Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our New Doggy!

Hello there! 
This is Joe's new buddy. We haven't decided on a name yet, but as you can see he's a pretty cute guy! He is a Boxer/Great Dane mix we adopted from the Humane Society. He loves Joe and follows him everywhere, whining whenever he leaves the room. He is a stubborn boy too, we can tell he knows some commands but doesn't want to follow them! Joe is working on him though and I think he will be a great dog to have around.
Miss Kitty is NOT a fan and let him know it with a lot of hissing and a little swat when he got too curious. He leaves her alone mostly now and she likes it that way. Oh boy, she had a sad little face when she saw her dad giving all his attention to a doggy! Don't worry about her though, I gave her lots of treats and snuggles to make her feel better. She's my spoiled little princess after all.


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