Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lately... & 32 Week Baby Bump!

Lately I've been super tired and running around trying to get everything done. Unfortunately I always have to stop and take a nap or collapse on the couch before I am finished doing what I want to do!

I finished up painting the second dresser for the nursery and Joe attached the mirror. I also managed to clean out all the stuff that got piled up in there from the move and made it look a little more like a proper nursery, though we are still waiting on the crib my mom is bringing down in April. I even went out and got a glider rocking chair with an ottoman! I wasn't too excited about how it was going to look, since I would prefer a more mid-century modern style, but once I realized how uncomfortable I was just sitting on the couch with my big belly I figured I would really enjoy a comfy chair instead of just a nice looking one.

Speaking of being tired, I really don't have energy to make dinner or do much of anything these days. I'm too lazy to even do my weekly baby bump updates! I'll settle for a blurry iPhone photo this week :)
I am allowed to leave work early now (so only 8 hour days... whoopee) but I am still totally pooped when I get home. Joe has been awesome and is taking over even more of the household chores, including cooking. He even makes me lunch when I get home on my break! 

Mister doggy is doing very well and fitting in really nicely. We decided to name him Bill Murray, or Murray for short. I'm not sure where I got the idea to name him that, except maybe he reminds me of Bill Murray's character in Lost In Translation. He's pretty melancholy, he just wants to fit in and have a bit of fun too. Mrs. Peacock is getting more and more used to him and doesn't hiss (as much) when he rudely sniffs at her tail. She is still the princess of the house though!

The last picture is of the courthouse in the town we live next to. We had quite the Valentines Day weekend! It was full of not-so-great events and happenings. Nothing too major, but it kind of piled on top of more of those not-so-great grown up things we have been dealing with lately too.

Overall everything is going really great! I'm looking forward to these last 8 weeks and hopefully taking some time off before the due date. I can't tell if I want it to be over sooner so we can see our little Ellie, or if I wish it would last just a little longer.

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