Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fire Alarms

This is only the beginning of our big trip! We moved into the hotel and had all our stuff packed up. Of course I forgot to pack the cord to my digital camera, so the whole purpose of buying the camera in the first place is lost! Looks like I'll be blogging with iPhone photos, which isn't too bad but still is disappointing.

We are actually not supposed to have Mrs Peacock in the hotel with us, so we have had to make sure she is quiet and we don't let maid service in. So of course, this morning the fire alarm went off in our room for no reason! Joe was in the shower at the time and had to jump out. We had to pack up the litter box, her food and hide everything. Kitty ran under the bed because the noise scared her, so we had to chase her out and get her into the carrier. Finally we had to go out to the car which was completely frozen. It was 3 degrees out this morning! I called the front desk and told the lady that the alarm went off and she said she would notify housekeeping. I waited another 15 minutes and the front desk calls again and asks me if the alarm clock was going off. Alarm clock. Right, lady. I'm not that stupid! Finally after an hour someone finally came and turned it off! Ugh!

After that debacle we decided to get out of the hotel for a bit, so we went out to the Build-a-Bear Workshop and made a bear for the bear cub, Ellie. We picked a cute little punk outfit and a skateboard so she can be just like her daddy! 

We had a pretty nice Thanksgiving over at Joe's friends house. They heard about my failed baby shower and were so sweet to put together a little gift bag for us with some cute clothes and an absolutely adorable pink baby carrier! They have really been such nice friends to us, I'm sad we are moving! I got to hold their little baby girl and play with her too. I'm so excited to hold our little Ellie! I'm still having trouble deciding on a middle name, but we have plenty of time still.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


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