Saturday, November 16, 2013

Marriage Retreat and Mountain Goats

We spent Thursday and Friday night at a ski resort, attending a marriage retreat. The army pays for retreats like this a few times a year that you can go to if you want. We decided to go so we could get away and have a nice change of scenery. It was really pretty. The sun was setting as we drove there and on the way back we saw mountain goats by the highway!
The marriage program was... well it was pretty terrible, but I won't get into that. The army tends to be old fashioned and it was very weird and alienating to hear "men do this and women do that..." Especially when they assume all women stay at home and all men work. Ugh. I hate those gender roles. In our family it is the exact opposite, I work and my husband does the housework. When the baby is born he will continue to stay home and I will work until I am out of the army. But not to digress! I really don't care to talk about the silly program. We had a great time otherwise!


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