Saturday, November 23, 2013

The "Baby Shower"

Well guys, be prepared for a really sad post. This post was designated for my baby shower which was supposed to happen about 45 minutes from now. I'm only halfway through my pregnancy but my friends offered to throw us an early shower before we moved to Louisiana, where we won't know anyone at all. This, clearly, did not happen.

I didn't expect anything fancy, like silly games and cakes or things like that, but I kind of expected some effort to be put into it. I found out only two days ago that only one person had even been invited. I sent out some last minute texts to invite the people I thought had already been invited, but they understandably went unanswered. No one wants to be invited to a party at the last minute that requires shopping for gifts, especially after a snowstorm. Then the rest of the very few people who were going to show up, all cancelled.

So yeah. That happened. I swear I'm not a nerd who doesn't have friends. I swear. I feel like that socially awkward kid in school who invites the whole class to their birthday party and no one shows up.

It's not all about gifts... but it would have helped to get at least a few cloth diapers or something. A crib sheet maybe. Moving is always a big expense and I'm worried that by the time we reach our destination we won't have anything left over to buy baby stuff. I'm sure things will work out fine with money, but you know, it's always a thing people worry about.

Really what makes me sad is that no one understood how much I was looking forward to this and also how hard it was for me to let myself enjoy the idea of a shower. I wasn't going to plan one for myself because it's just weird for me to ask people to buy me gifts. I'm a big introvert and I don't like being the center of attention, so when my friend offered to throw a shower just for me I was really nervous and excited to be given so much attention. I felt awkward just going to register at Babies R Us, because it seems so self centered. I had to convince myself that it was okay to be given gifts, that my friend wanted me to be happy and were excited for me. So imagine how lame I feel now, knowing they actually didn't care as much as I thought?
I would have been happier not having a shower at all rather than expecting one and being totally disappointed.

So what do I do now?
Retail therapy.
All the stuff I resisted buying because I was waiting for the shower is going in my shopping cart today. I'm buying ALL the cute onesies that I was supposed to get a million of.


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