Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dresser Set Makeover - The Planning Stage

Wow guys, November is really moving fast! This is a big month for us, getting all our stuff together for the big Road Trip across Canada and the U.S. This coming week I have to continue with a bunch of paperwork, driving all around gathering signatures. This Saturday is the baby shower. We have to organize all our stuff into "bringing with us in the car" and "packing up with the movers." The car needs to be spacious enough so when we leave it parked in a city like San Francisco it won't get broken into, but we also need the essentials like clothes, toiletries, food for the cooler, emergency stuff in case we get stuck in a snowstorm, and stuff to keep the kitty comfortable. We also have to get kitty her papers and a checkup to go over the border. Of course my job is making things more difficult by just now telling me that I NEED a government passport. As if I could get one in less than a week. This is all BS of course. But whatever. The date I leave is the date I leave and they can't stop it!

What I am really excited about lately is the new house we will be getting in Louisiana! I keep looking at the floor plans they have and wondering which one we will get. When we moved into the apartment we have now I didn't have any furniture at all. I actually got everything from my friend who was getting rid of her bedroom set and wanted to get rid of an old love seat too. So that is what we have now, two bed side tables for a TV stand in the living room, a loveseat for the both of us to sit on, a dresser in the living room to hold my military uniforms and sewing stuff and another dresser in the bedroom for clothes. I'm hoping that Joe and I can get a whole new bedroom set once we get to the new place... It might take a while since I really want to find eclectic things from flea markets and thrift stores. I have a storage unit in California with some nice things in it that can start us off, but it won't be enough for both of us.

The main point here is that I want to use our current bedroom set for the nursery. I'm willing to live out of a suitcase while we look for a nice dresser, as long as the nursery is perfect! The problem, of course, is that the bedroom set we have is a little old. It seriously needs a makeover! Good thing I LOVE this kind of stuff!

I have been sitting here looking at these dressers for months now, wondering what I can do with them. The bare bones of the furniture is like, a mid nineties style I think. It's not modern, it's not traditional or transitional. I can't really tell what it is except that it has gold trim (yuk!) New drawer pulls is the first thing that comes to mind. I also want to pull off the gold trim and replace it or find a way to paint over it. Spray paint is a miracle, by the way! I also want to see how easy it would be to put the dressers on little feet instead of just being flat on the ground.

But what about the inspiration? I've been searching for some ideas and here are a few that look feasible with the design of my current pieces. It's a shame how many photos you see on pinterest of perfectly awesome looking furniture, mid century modern style, that are then destroyed with weird paint jobs! I swear half the "makeover" pins I looked at had the "before" peice looking much better than the "after."


Mid-Century Dresser from Dream Green DIY. Weird paint job, yes, but it actually looks really cool combined with the wood stain she used. 

Ikea Dresser Makeover from The DIY Homegirl. This paint job is simple and still looks retro!

Ikea Tarva Hack from Persia Lou. She was inspired also by the mid century dresser I posted above. Again, I love the idea of incorporating wood grain in the design. 

I'm trying to refrain from taking a trip to Home Depot! I don't think it would be a good idea to start up a big project like this right before a big move, but hopefully I can get it done once we finally get settled into our new place.


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