Monday, November 11, 2013

Forlorn Kitty

 Mrs. Peacock is going to hate the road trip! I want to make her as comfortable as possible since we will be on the road for a while. She will have to live inside the car on a boat for five days too. We went out today and picked up a carrier, leash, harness, new collar with a name tag, some Calm Down tonic and At Ease spray. I put some spray in the carrier and set a few of her toys in it so that maybe she won't hate being it so much (...yeah right, she will hate it anyway!) All we have to get now is a travel litter box. Target didn't have any good size plastic containers with lids so I'm going to have to look somewhere else.

I don't know about this girl though, we got her a new litter box with a lid and swing door but she hates it and won't go in! Ugh. Princess kitty. I hope she doesn't end up getting sick from all the stress of the move! 

Here she is, as usual, looking forlornly at her bowl which is FULL of food! But of course she wants totally fresh mushies at all times! Princess kitty.


uncustomary said...

Oh my goodness, she is so adorable! I found you through the Blog Hop. I hope you're having a great day!

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