Monday, May 26, 2014


We have been hanging out on the patio a lot since my mom has been here. We don't have a grill so I suppose wine and cheese will have to make our memorial day "cookout." Miss Kitty likes to join us and watch the birds and Murray likes to watch Kitty watch the birds. 

Today is officially my last on maternity leave and I'm pretty anxious about it. I know Joe is going to do great at home with Ellie, so that's not what is worrying me. I get to come home for lunch usually so I shouldn't be too anxious about missing her during the daytime either. My mom will be here for another week, helping us to get adjusted to my work schedule. After that it's all up to us! 
I think what worries me is that I am basically returning to a "new" job. We've been in Louisiana for five months but I only worked until 3:30 pm (still an eight hour day) and I never did things like work in the motorpool on the vehicles because of the chemicals. I guess I just have this feeling of impending doom, like all the sudden I will have a really rough time at work. Not to mention I still have those lingering "pregnancy brain" hormones floating around that make me forget things. For the life of me I can NEVER locate my phone OR the keys. They end up in any number of purses or diaper bags. I go into the kitchen to get my pumping supplies cleaned and I end up making coffee or freezing milk instead.

I'm hoping time at work flies by as quickly as my maternity leave did! I'm excited to get my last year in the military done so we can move back to New York and start a new chapter. It's going to be rough but it's going to be an adventure. I love an adventure!



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