Saturday, May 17, 2014

Baby Feet

Little Ellie-bear,

Today you spit up an outrageous amount on me. The spit up came in three waves, each more powerful than the last. It was impressive. I honestly have no idea how that much milk fit inside your little body. Seriously, where did it come from? Your leg?
The thing is that you are just so cute, I don't even care! Today your grandma and I were playing with you in your nursery mirror, listening to you coo and look at all your dolls and stuffed animals. I love all your little noises and wiggles. I love it when I have you on my chest and you lift up your head to look at me. I love how your skin smells and how soft your hair is. I'm sure no matter what gross things you do or how many naughty things you get yourself into I still won't mind that much. Your papa told me he thinks he will spoil you, even though while you were in my belly he insisted he would be the strict one.
This doesn't mean you'll get an iPhone when you are 7, but you will certainly have us wrapped around your finger.



Thanks for sharing your heart.
I would be honored if you would follow my journey
with Hungtington's Disease.

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