Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sleepy Baby

This little sleepyhead is already a whole month old! She's doing everything she is supposed to, mainly sleeping, eating and pooping. I just love to look at her round little face!
I don't know why, but even though we planned on cloth diapering, I never ordered any cloth diaper covers until a few days ago. After we used up all the disposables we had we tried using some of the older diaper covers that my mom used on myself and my brother when we were babies, but they weren't waterproof and leaked straight through. 
We finally ordered six new covers, all different brands, and received two so far. The panda one (in the picture at the bottom) is a GroVia Hybrid and the other one we got is a Best Bottom. We aren't using the liners since we have a bunch of flat cloth diapers already. I will have to do a review on all the brands once we try them out!


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