Saturday, May 3, 2014

Three Weeks

Has it been three weeks already?? That means I'm already halfway through my maternity leave. That also means next Saturday she will be A MONTH OLD. Holy moley. 

They say the first two weeks are the hardest, which I suppose was true, but it still seems pretty difficult to me! Even with my mom here to help it seems like there are still too many dishes, too much laundry, bottles to sanitize, pumping to be done, dogs to be walked, kitties to feed, litter boxes to clean and diapers to change. We haven't quite figured out how to sleep when the baby sleeps or how to get to bed at any decent hour. I plan on getting to bed around 10, but by the time we finish gathering all the needed supplies for the night and getting her to stop crying and pooping it's already 2 AM! Then the next day we end up sleeping in until noon and before we know it it's already dinner time. 

On the other hand I'm pretty happy that I don't have cabin fever. Joe doesn't work and my mom is here so I usually have someone to hand her off to if I need a shower or a nap. We have gotten the chance to take her out with us a few times too. She does pretty well going out, since the car makes her sleepy. I really was hoping that I could wear her around more, but it's getting hotter and hotter here in the south and poor little girl gets all sweaty in the wrap. Because of that we've had to lug around the stroller more than I would have liked.

Last week my work had a crawfish boil for the monthly Family Day. We decided to go and bring Ellie with us, but it was tough trying to get there by 11:30 in the morning, let me tell you! Once we were there she slept the whole time, which was nice and surprising. We also went to a street festival yesterday. I'm pretty sure that it took longer for us to get ready for the festival than we actually spent at the festival!

The days are absolutely flying by, but I'm still having a great time. I almost feel like she will be ready to crawl tomorrow! I'm looking forward to her talking and smiling at us, but at the same time I want her to stay tiny forever.


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