Friday, May 23, 2014

Ellie, One Month Update

Ellie turned one month old almost two weeks ago, but I thought I should try to do some official updates! This will be a short one since I did an unofficial one already.

What has she been up to this month? 
She has been able to lift her head up since she was born and can turn her head around really well. She grew from 6lbs 4oz to 6lbs 12oz in two weeks. She had her first bath, met her grandparents on her mamas side and spent lots of time sleeping. 

First Outing? Her two day appointment was technically her first outing. I was so worried about getting there on time that she didn't get enough to eat and cried a ton until I found the lactation room! Then as soon as I got her back into the carseat she spit up. It was pretty silly. Her second outing was with her proud papa when he took her in a front carrier to the Post Exchange and Commissary. She loves being with her papa and slept the whole time.

Maybe I can manage a clearer photo at the two month update! :)


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