Sunday, May 4, 2014

Shutterfly Baby Book

I know a bunch of you parents out there have picked up a Boppy nursing pillow at some point, so you probably have already heard that you can order a free Shutterfly book with a coupon that come inside the Boppy package. I've gotten a bunch of free (or sort of free) things when I sign up for various baby-related things (Motherhood Maternity and Babies R Us, anyone?) but this one I was the most excited about!
I love to scrapbook, but sometimes things just move too fast. Not to mention I don't have a photo printer and photoshop can be a serious time-sucker. So while I have really great scrapbooks from some really important events in my life, I am also missing a bunch of albums, like my wedding, for example. I actually made a book like this for my wedding with Booksmart but I still haven't ordered it. I'll have to order both and do a comparison!

I really love the Storytelling Styles they have, which didn't come free with the promo code, but it was well worth the extra few dollars. It made my baby book extra special, since I can read her a storybook about her. I also got a little stick-on acid-free pocket that adheres to the inside of the book jacket, so I can save our hospital bracelets and her footprint card with it. 

Shutterfly allows you to customize your photo book just the way you want.


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