Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ellie Nova Ottati - First Birthday!

Ellie is one year old today! We had her birthday party a day early so my mom, my brother and my sister in law could come over. It was so fun to see how happy she was when I gave her the smash cake I made. She would look at it and touch it carefully, poking it with one finger. Then she would smear some of the icing off. Then she would squish the cake in her hands and dig into the middle of it. Finally she started smacking it and dumping the cake everywhere and smearing it all over her face and dress! I loved it. 

Me in my jammies getting everything ready.

Murray is a love bug.

Uncle Will and Aunt Cyndel in the morning playing with Ellie, and Murray's doofy face.

I made cake pops, a heart cake and a smash cake. 

Happy birthday!

What is it?


My little chunky monkey!

All cleaned up.

This was actually from the week before but they were too cute to leave out. She was pooped from her party though!


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