Friday, April 17, 2015

Nail - Neon Pink

I love this look! It's so simple but the neon pink is adorable. I love how the green bow goes with it. I feel like Barbie. I've actually had a few instances where I wanted to flip someone off while driving (people honked at me for stopping for a school bus... really??) and I feel like it would be extra sweet to flip them off with this cute green bow on my nail... Is that's weird?

Anyway... It's getting closer to the end of the semester and the homework is piling up. Soon it will be summer break and I'll officially be a stay at home mom for a few months. Yay! 
I'm loving this spring weather... after so much snow being in my life the warm air and sunshine is amazing. I feel like I'm in California again.

China Glaze - Bottoms Up
OPI - Natural Base Coat
OPI - Top Coat


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