Friday, April 3, 2015

Nail - Spring Patterns

Happy Friday! This week was a little rough for me. I totally bombed a math quiz that I spent HOURS studying for and I got another parking ticket at the school. Lots of really great things happened though. The highlight was that Ellie can WALK now! She's so cute wobbling around. She has a bruise on her butt from plopping down on it. After I came home from my crappy quiz day Ellie came wobbling up to me for a big hug. The sweetest!!

On to my nails for this week... I cut them short again because the length was getting annoying. Immediately after I cut them I found a video showing how to file perfect almond shape nails and I regretted it. I want my nails sharpened to a point like Miss Kitty! Also my nail art haul from Amazon finally got here. I have a whole set of nail guides in different shapes, gems, pearls, roses, bows, pink brushes and dotting tools. 

The husband will have to be on nail photo duty from now on because I can't get a picture with my real camera that is any better than my iPhone! I discovered that I cannot get it to focus on me if I set it up and move in front of it. Yay. I know nothing about cameras and the more I try to learn the more confused I am. It's worse than my pre-calculus class.

China Glaze - Lotus Begin
Milani Jewel FX - Lavender
OPI - Bride's Bouquet
OPI - Natural Nail Base Coat
OPI - Top Coat

Martha Stewart Glitter - Sugar Plum
XJ French Nail Tip Guides

I can't even get a good picture of flowers! WTF.


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