Monday, April 6, 2015

Passover / Easter Weekend

Friday morning was my yearly tradition of saying, "Hey, is it Passover? It's Passover! YESSSSS, I'm making FOOD!!"
I have this memory of a certain mystery food that was spread on matzo bread from Passover when I was a kid. It was sweet and I can never figure out what it was. 

I made matzo ball soup with parsley, dill, parsnips, tri-colored carrots and celery. I love that purple carrot. Matzo ball soup is delicious if you have never tried it. Usually it has chicken in it too but I didn't think we needed two meats since I also made salmon with a horseradish and dill cream sauce. For the side I made tri-colored fingerling potatoes and roasted beets.

I also made challah from scratch.

Saturday I decided to dye some eggs since I planned on making egg salad. I'm obsessed with egg salad. We watched the original TRON too. I don't know why you need to know all that.

The dog found the first Easter egg and brought it into his bed with him before I caught him. Ellie found the rest and tried putting them all in her mouth. She got a nice little goth lipstick look!

Happy Spring!


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