Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Japanese Candy Donuts - Popin' Cookin'

My mom came to visit for Passover weekend and I made her make a Doughnut Popin' Cookin' with me while Ellie took a nap. This kit was so adorable and smelled delicious when we were making it.

This kit was a little more confusing than the last one I did so we had to look up exactly how to do it so we didn't mess up. I may have spent 5 years studying Japanese but I can't read a word of it! Well... I can make out "Do-na-to" on the package... lol

I made the chocolate donuts and my mom made vanilla. The chocolate ones reminded me of the chocolate glazed from Dunkin' Donuts, my favorite, besides Krispy Kreme original glazed of course. Ugh. Now I want donuts! 

The chocolate sauce was delicious! They also had strawberry and vanilla icing, sprinkles and little crunchies for decoration. When we finished we both ate a doughnut and they tasted really great! The texture of the donuts was weird but all the flavors were yummy. Much better than the sushi kit! We even stole some extra tastes of the chocolate sauce that we didn't use. 

It was a fun afternoon experiment!


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