Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Japanese Candy Sushi - Popin' Cookin'

I love saw some YouTube videos of people making these cute little candies and I had to order some for myself! I love cute Japanese things and this little kit was so much fun.  

It was pretty easy to figure out how to do it even if you don't read Japanese. I still looked at a video to make sure I didn't mess it up. Each tray had little numbers or letters that matched the powder packets. 

You add packs of powder to water and mix them in the different molds. One was like tuna and the other was made to look like egg. The rice was just chopped up white jelly and the seaweed was a weird taffy thing that you molded into a strip. Everything was a strange gelatinous consistency.

The coolest part was making the fish eggs! You used a dropper to drip blobs of goo into a mixture of powder and water. They set into little balls and look just like fish eggs. 

Last was to assemble and drizzle on soy sauce!

We were scared to try them and I had to force Joe to eat one with me. The rice was the weirdest part. It was very jiggly and smooshy but none of it tasted too bad. The fish eggs were the best!

I've got a whole bunch more of these so I think I will post them all along with a taste test. Some of them are really gross from what I've heard. 


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