Saturday, October 19, 2013

Blanket Buddy Knit Project

I finally finished a knitting project! I haven't done any knitting for a long time. I think it was a combination of having a stupid amount of hats, mittens and scarves and also too many failed or unsatisfactory sweaters that made me tired of it. I think baby things will be fun and easier to make. Baby stuff knits up quickly and babies don't complain if the seam of the sweater looks a little funky.
As I was browsing Ravelry for patterns I couldn't really decide what I wanted to make. Stuffed animal? Cardigan? Bunting? Instead of committing to a pattern I thought I should probably check out the yarn situation first. Turns out I don't have much yarn in my stash that is soft enough for a baby! Lame. I headed to Joann Fabric to see my options. Is it just me or are most baby yarn colors hideous? There was the typical blue/pink stuff and the most awful shade of teal I've ever seen. Come on, Joann, get with it. Order the new colorways already. This has to have been from 20 years ago. I finally spotted some Bernat Pipsqueak that looked cute enough. It was a very fuzzy and soft yarn in the color "Chocolate." It looks like the perfect yarn for a bear cub!

I chose a Lion's Brand pattern called Blanket Buddy but I changed the pattern to look like a bear head instead of a bunny. It took less than one ball of yarn to make! I like how it came out and it was an easy pattern. Good for someone who likes instant gratification.


Char said...

This is adorable!

Stephanie Ziajka said...

Oh my goodness-- this is so precious! You did an amazing job! Stopping by from the GFC Collective :) I'd love for you to drop by and visit my blog, as well... I'm hosting a giveaway for a gorgeous pair of stud earrings! Have a fabulous week!

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