Monday, October 28, 2013

The Sweet List - Maternity Style

Now that I'm into the third week of my second trimester I've started thinking of buying some new clothes. I haven't gained any weight yet but I have had to pick up some nursing bras. While we were in the shop I had some fun trying on the "baby bump" pillow and maternity clothes they were selling. I was super excited about it and wanted to go on a shopping spree right then!
I really don't shop for clothes that often. The last time I got a bunch of new clothes was when my friend purged her closet of things that no longer fit her. I don't think I've shopped for clothes for more than a year! Ugh. A girl deserves some new clothes once a season at least! I actually should empty my closet and get rid of the stuff I don't wear anymore, along with picking up some new clothes of better quality. 

These are all from H&M, which isn't in Alaska as far as I know, however it was a favorite place to shop for me in New York.


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