Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Carving with Kitty!

One thing about being long distance from your spouse for so long is that you can't celebrate holidays together. Last year Joe came to Alaska for Christmas, and even though I'm not a big Christmas person, I went "all out" as much as I could so we could have a nice first Christmas as a family. This year we actually get to celebrate Halloween together! No flights, no paperwork so I can take leave, no trying to live out of a hotel or house sitting for someone else. Just us and kitty in our little apartment carving pumpkins. I think kitty liked the smell of pumpkin guts because she kept coming over to sniff it. 

This is going to be the only major holiday we can spend together in our little apartment, seeing as we are supposed to be moving by December. We are just waiting for the paperwork to come through so we can know for sure. I hope it works out! I'm tired of Alaska and I want to have our road trip to California because it will be our last trip before the bear cub is born! We will most likely be living in a hotel by Thanksgiving and still on the road by Christmas and New Years.  

I can't wait to have a house of our own in New York so we can host our own Halloween parties! No one around here ever throws any and it depresses me. I can't wait to make glittery decorations and hot cider, donuts, pumpkin martinis and little pumpkin painting stations for the kids! I think this calls for a Pinterest board!


Jennifer said...

Oooo I quite like the classic pumpkin face

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