Friday, October 4, 2013

The Job I would Love to Have

I decided to link up with another monthly blog challenge called 31 Days - Bare Your Soul Blogging over at Peacoat's and Plaid. So far I'm still in a rut and haven't had to time do any decent posts. I'm actually writing this on my phone while sitting in a very cold tent outside at a construction site. So yeah, this is not my idea of a dream job.

The prompt for today's blog post is: What job would I love to have?

I always, always think of Office Space when I am asked a question like this. What would I do if I had a million dollars? I would do nothing. 


Well not entirely.  

I took a personality test once that told me the most important thing for me at work is that everyone gets along with each other. I can't be happy in a place where people gossip or yell at anyone (so obviously the Army is the wrong place for me!) That was totally true. Any time I ever worked in a place for a while and was really happy, someone always came along and ruined the good vibes! Then I quit. So what could I do as a job were I could control (mostly) which people I worked with? Be my own boss, of course!
I have lots of dreams about what I want to be when I grow up (and I'm already 28!) but mostly they are about owning my own business. My dreams run from owning bakery to running a yarn shop to hosting craft fairs. I don't think I could decide on just one thing! Maybe one day that dream will come true, but only if I buckle down and decide what I really want to focus on. Now that, kids, is the tough question. How do you focus on a subject that you love but won't end up hating once you spend all your time doing it? I really don't have the answer to that question.

I went to school for Interior Design because I loved decorating, but once I got down to the bare bones of what a designer actually did on a daily basis I decided it really wasn't for me. Who wants to sit around budgeting all day for a room design, counting out tiles and square inches of base board? Not to mention standing in front of clients trying to sell them a design that will cost tens of thousands. All I wanted to do was decorate, not be a salesman!

College didn't work out the first time, but I plan on going to culinary school with my GI Bill when I get out of the service. I would love to learn about wine, baking a pastry arts, maybe even food science, but I won't go there under the illusion that it's some kind of glamorous job. In fact I would probably die if I had to be a line cook! I really want to go just so I can learn some awesome cooking skills. 

So... I want to go to school but not so I can get a real job doing what I studied... sounds smart huh? What the heck is the answer to this question then? What is my dream job?

Honestly, I wouldn't mind being a stay at home mom. I'm not trying to imply that it's "easy" or in any way similar to doing "nothing" but there have been very few workforce jobs that I ever enjoyed or felt proud of doing. I would love to be at home, kneading bread dough, feeding the baby and attempting to grow a herb garden. Bucolic isn't it?
Not to mention that since I really enjoy the company of my husband (who would be a "co-worker" of sorts) it seems like I would get along with everyone "at the office" :)

Oh boy, kids. Being a grown up is hard. They make you make choices about things and do all kinds of stuff that is no fun!

Hope you all are having better luck figuring out what your dream job would be. Hopefully you are working at your dream job already!


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