Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Costumes - X-Files

After all the time and money we spent on our costumes we only got to wear them for the Halloween party at work, in which I spent the entire time making balloon animals. We didn't even have time for a good photo! I am currently suffering through a 24 hour shift which ends in 3 hours. First on the list is sleep, followed by possibly making all the alien cake pops I intended to make for another party that didn't happen. Then we get to light our pumpkin and hand out candy! 

Happy Halloween!

xoxo - Special Agents Dana Scully & Fox Mulder, FBI


Knitted Fox said...

OH MY GOODNESS! This is brilliant! My husband and I have been on an X-Files kick lately and have plowed through the first four-ish seasons in the last month. If only we had thought about this for Halloween!

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