Monday, September 2, 2013

A Catch Up

One thing I know for sure is that pulling a 24 hour shift on Friday, sleeping for most of Saturday as a result, and giving my computer a virus on Sunday really makes it hard to blog. I missed out on week 7's belly picture and I didn't even get a chance to paint my nails! Oh the humanity!
Even though I was exhausted yesterday and couldn't go out anywhere except the grocery store, I did manage go out today and get some adorable long skirts at the thrift shop. I can't imagine going on a California road trip without a long skirt, so I figured I should stock up before we leave Alaska in December. It's the whole hippy-girl, free spirit kinda deal. Plus wearing a long skirt is like having a light blanket around you at all times, which is excellent because I'm always cold.
I wish I had some cute photos to post or something, but I really don't. It's been nothing but rain for a month now and there is absolutely no sun to take pictures in.
Enjoy the rest of the long weekend!


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