Saturday, September 21, 2013

Baby Bump - Ten Weeks!

Friday, September 20: React to this term: comfort. 

I know, it's a day late!

I really haven't had a chance to blog at all, seeing as this week had been awful. Comfort has been the last thing on my mind. It's not just this week either, it's been about three weeks now where it just gets worse and worse. I have discovered a whole new form of sexism that I have never previously experienced. Apparently it is a crime to be pregnant and the only reason women do it is to be lazy! So my boss insinuated the other day in his office, anyway. He tried keeping me from going to my ultrasound appointment and even tries keeping me from going to mandatory classes. So comfort? I guess it's comforting that I haven't done anything wrong so I can't really get into any trouble at work. I should be leaving Alaska in December and I will never have to deal with this unit again. For now I know there are at least a few people I can talk to if things get out of hand. 

I also have a "friend" who seems to hate me for getting pregnant before her (the girl is five years younger than me...) and seeing as I only have one other female friend in Alaska that's a pretty depressing thing to deal with. She wants to "have it all" and hopes all her friends are unhappy and not as successful. That's her problem, not mine. I suppose it is comforting to know that I have other friends who are truly happy for me. I understand jealousy, I really do, but it's okay to own up to it. There is nothing wrong with telling your friend that you wish you could have what they have. Being rude and passive aggressive isn't the right way to deal with it.

Anyway, my ten week belly picture is the ultrasound picture! It was pretty cool to see it wiggling around and kicking its little legs.


Nicole said...

ahh! bless you girl! that sounds rough. your little wiggle baby is such a bright spot, i'm sure.

happy tuesday, friend!

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