Thursday, September 5, 2013

Baby Bump - Eight Weeks!

This week was just bleh. Too tired to do much of anything. I am not even sleepy as much as I'm just done. I get home from work and I'm done. Dinner? nah... we will just have cereal. Putting on regular clothes to take a belly picture? You're lucky I managed it! The little bear cub is a half inch and swimming around with webbed toesies. Like in Waterworld.


Mezz said...

hiya there! im mezz, im in Melbourne, Australia, and i just found your blog via laura valentine's blog...i think we're the same age ish and im into crafting, thrifting and tattoos too so i think your blog is pretty awesome!! good luck with the pregnancy, i have two kids and its intense at times but awesome. hope you stay well!!

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