Saturday, September 28, 2013

OMG Facebook.

Friday, September 27: An anonymous letter to your Facebook friends. Be as snarky as you'd like. (but don't include people's real names.) 

.... Jenni from Story of My Life really wants me to let loose, huh?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who probably hates most of the people on their Facebook. Why don't I just delete them, you say? Because they are my relatives, acquaintances, and parents of friends or even sometimes friends. They will notice. They will try to friend me and send me messages asking why we aren't friends anymore. It's happened before.

I pretty much hate 80% of the things people post about on Facebook. Most of these look something like:
- Obama is the devil
- We love jesus
- Quoting lame song lyrics
- Females are annoying/backstabbing/jealous etc...
- Passive aggressive posts to friends that don't mention names but you-know-who-you-are
- User created E-cards that aren't even funny.
- An unrealistic photoshopped picture of someone to be used as "diet inspiration"
- "I'm heading to the gym"
- "Omg you guys are so mean! There was just a insert-tragic-event and all anyone is talking about is insert-inane-bullshit it's so horrible! You guys should ONLY talk about insert-tragic-event!" 
- Posts concerning the military.

What do I LOVE to see?
- Pictures of your kids.
- Pictures of your pets.
- Pictures of your food.
- Stuff you did over the weekend, like if you went on a picnic or to a museum.
Humorous thoughts that aren't sexist, racist, or homophobic.
- Projects you recently finished.
- Something creative or original!

I feel like all people do is "like" stupid things or share stupid photos and never actually write things themselves. Believe me, I would block you all if I could.


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