Monday, July 15, 2013

My Deeries

No luck finding any kitties at the thrift shop this weekend, but I found a couple of the cutest deer figurines ever!

After an EPIC night of playing Pictionary Man and staying up until 6 in the morning we awoke on Sunday with some pretty gnarly hangovers. Of course Sunday was the day when we actually had to get things done, like clean the house so our friends could drop off their dog, Charlie. We agreed to watch him while they went on vacation and Mrs. Peacock is NOT happy about it. We had to pick up friend from the airport and I also had to go sign out on leave at midnight. We slept until almost 5 pm before we had to force ourselves out of bed.
The day was successful and I drank lots of water and took vitamins and eventually we felt a little better. Charlie is being a sweetheart and is in love with Joe, even though when he first saw him he was terrified. Charlie is also very interested in meeting Mrs. Peacock, but she hisses at him whenever he tries to sniff her. He just wants to be her friend and she is having none of that. I hope she will get used to him and stop hiding under the bed.


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