Friday, July 26, 2013

Peter Pan Collar Dress

This was such a quick project! I actually sewed the whole thing in a day and a half! The only reason I needed the half day was because I hand sewed the zipper on, otherwise it would have been a one day project. 

simplicity dress, scalloped, peter pan collar

simplicity dress, scalloped, peter pan collar

I found this fabric at a thrift shop (it's an Ikea design, probably meant for curtains) and used Simplicity 1873 for the bodice pattern. I ended up not having enough fabric to do the skirt in the pattern, so I just used a rectangle to make one instead. That was a good idea, I think, since I wanted the stripes on the bodice and the skirt to be perpendicular which wouldn't have worked out as perfectly if I used the curved skirt pattern. I also took the scalloped collar from Simplicity 1609 and redrew it to fit this bodice.

simplicity dress, scalloped, peter pan collar

I actually wore it today to the DMV and got my Alaska drivers license photo in it. The lady at the counter complimented me on it. Isn't it nice when you make something yourself and someone says "I like your dress" instead of saying "Did you make that?" I think that means you've moved on from sucking to actually being good at it!

simplicity dress, scalloped, peter pan collar


Anonymous said...

I am really impressed. I just signed up for a sewing class and took my first one and I'm loving it. Turns out I was making it out to be more complicated than it is by messing all sorts of things up. It probably didn't help that I made my first attempt at using my sewing machine on my own be using a stretchy fabric and trying to make underwear. Oh boy was that a disaster but this class is teaching me so much. Now your dress gives me some ideas.

Sarah Grace said...

I would start out with cotton fabric for sure! It irons easily and doesn't slip around. It's awesome that you are taking a class! That is the best way to learn.

Ruby Murray said...

Love your dress and the skirt part looks awesome. Just off to subscribe by email so I don't miss a post!

Sarah Grace said...

Thank you very much!

Lauren @ Style Elixir said...

Fabulous dress!

Thank you for linking up with Friday’s Fab Favorites!

Lauren xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely dress! I love the green and blue stripes, and the Peter Pan collar is so cute!

Navy Wifey Peters @ <a href=">Submarine Sunday Link Party</a>

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