Sunday, December 29, 2013

Baby Bump - 25 Weeks

Weight Gain: Joe insists that the scale we used was off by at least 5 lbs. So maybe 10?

Name: Ellie, Ellie-Bear and "Ellie Belly." Still no decision on the middle name! That's me, indecisive about this type of thing.

Maternity Clothes: I went shopping for some new clothes and I stocked up on some shorts, a maxi skirt and a couple dresses. The after-Christmas sales were really helpful.

Feeling: I still feel a pain where the skin is being pulled but other than that I'm feeling great.

Food I'm Missing: Nothing really right now. I discovered that there were some soft cheeses that are pasteurized so I had a little with my family for the holidays.

Movement: Both my dad and my brother could feel her moving! She liked to kick a lot and then as soon as I called my dad over to feel her she would go still. Little stinker! Finally the day my dad was going back to New York he felt her moving.

Dreams: I had a nightmare one night that she wasn't alive anymore. I woke up so scared and relieved that it was just a dream. Another night had a dream that I took her out of my belly like a kangaroo and looked at her, but had to put her back. Weird!

Listening to: Tame Impala and Sigur Ros.

Looking Forward to: Setting up the nursery and revamping the bedroom set I will be using for her.

Sunset on California Route 1! We have just left Santa Cruz and we are making our way down the coast. I'll still be posting up my San Francisco photos this week. I've been having so much fun on this road trip!

To the Sea


erica @ to the sea said...

I hate dreams like those!!! Beautiful picture, as always.

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