Saturday, December 28, 2013

I Heart San Francisco

I lived in San Francisco for about five years and I miss it so much! I don't miss the ridiculous rent prices or the amount of street harassment you get on a daily basis, but I love everything else about this city. I can't even describe how awesome it is to walk out of our hotel in the morning into the sun and the sweet smell of the bay. It's the perfect temperature, not too hot and not too cold.
Joe got to meet some of my old friends and I took him to some of my favorite spots. The first day I got a little excited and we went all over the city. First we hit the Embarcadero because there were some famous skating spot that used to be there, but I was anxious to leave because it' so touristy. We had a nice walk out on Pier 7 and took photos of Coit Tower and that pointy shaped building... you know the one. 

We went to the Castro for lunch, where you can you get a great slice of pizza. This was a relief for the both of as after dealing with terrible Anchorage pizza for so long. Next we took a little walk to watch the doggies run around in Dolores Park. I have great memories from Dolores Park! Picnics, beer, watching hula hoopers and tight rope walkers, starting off the Gay Pride Parade and going to festivals. On the way to the park we stopped into my favorite yarn shop, ImaginKint. I resisted buying any pretty yarn since I really haven't been knitting lately. 

This photo pretty much describes our marriage... I'm being way too enthusiastic and Joe is looking aloof. I got him to smile in the next picture though! Silly bear.

After the sun started going down we hit Haight-Ashbury for a little shopping. I didn't intend to buy anything but since I was cold I got a vintage sweater that looks like it's from the wardrobe of The Breakfast Club. Joe checked out a skateshop and then we took a very long bus ride back to the train station. We accidentally took the bus in the wrong direction so we got a little tour of the 71 bus route. Whew! 


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