Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Vintage Shopping in Portland

We did a little shopping in Tacoma and then headed down to Portland, where I planned on doing most of the shopping on our road trip. They have so many vintage shops I couldn't resist! Red Fox vintage was absolutely awesome, with cute stuff and great prices. I found a kitschy kitty, and Joe found some adorable mugs and a little bear puppet for Ellie-bear. At Stella Bella I picked out some used maternity clothes (all the pants are still awful!! I guess I will be using my leggings for quite a while...) and picked up an art print that will be perfect for the nursery.
We stopped at Animal Traffic and I finally got some Minnatonka moccasins! I love them! I've been wanting some for so long. 
Of course I couldn't just hog the whole day to myself, so we stopped at the Pharmacy skate shop and Joe picked out new shoes and a board. We ended the day at Bye and Bye, a vegan bar. Joe got to drink a few beers and we munched on delicious vegan bar food. It was an excellent day!

I think it might be a good thing that I got stationed in Louisiana instead of Washington. It would be WAY too easy to just move down to Portland or California after I get out of the service. Oregon is a little dreary for my taste, but I love the atmosphere and culture.


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