Monday, December 16, 2013

On The Ferry - Sitka

I'm not going to lie, the ferry wasn't a very fun experience! The food was terrible and very expensive. The second day of the boat trip I was stuck in bed all day after eating bad food. Also the boat rocked around like crazy and made it so we couldn't even walk around or stand up... I get it, we can't control the weather. But it was stressful to know that kitty had to be stuck in the car on the car deck and we could only visit her at ridiculous times, like 2am or midnight. Kitty got so scared from the boat rocking around that she made a mess of the car. You better believe our first stop when we got to Washington was a car wash! I would recommend bringing your own food as well, if you decide to ever take the ferry to or from Alaska. Kitty is doing much better now that she is on land again and doesn't even hate her carrier as much as before.

Joe went out and took some pictures when we reached Sitka, since I was laid up in bed. We also stopped in Juneau, Ketchikan, Petersburg and Wrangell but we couldn't go out to explore. It was a shame because I really think I would have liked Sitka and Juneau. Those little places are pretty hard to get to and not many people have the chance to visit, so it would have been cool to get to go into town and see what it was like.


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