Saturday, December 7, 2013

Road Trip - Day 1, Caribou and Glaciers

It took me a while to get to sleep last night so the first day of our road trip was pretty tiring right from the beginning. I was still super excited to finally be on our way! The roads were really icy in Anchorage all the way to Wasilla but it cleared up and was pretty easy the rest of the way. As we drove between the little towns we ended up seeing seven caribou and two moose along the side of the road. I hope we can see a lynx before we leave the north, they are the cutest little wild kitties ever. 

Speaking of kitties, Mrs. Peacock was NOT having a good time at all, but the day went really well regardless. I took some nice pictures at in Glacier View, where you can see a glacier (surprise!) 

We are all relaxing in a hotel in Tok tonight and will be on our way to Canada tomorrow.  I had some fun putting the first few pictures in my scrapbook. I'm so glad to be on our adventure!! 


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