Sunday, December 22, 2013

Skateparks in Washington

A lot of our road trip is going to be a tour of skateparks, especially since Joe has never been to the west coast before. I used to live in San Francisco and San Diego, so I'm pretty much revisiting my favorite spots and meeting old friends. Washington is famous for its skateparks and we've certainly been checking out a bunch of them. Some are so big it's scary - the walls are 15 feet high! I have no idea how anyone manages to climb OUT of those things. I was afraid to even walk near the edge in case I fell in - I would really hurt myself, let alone dropping in on a wooden board with wheels!
This particular park wasn't scary, but the colors were so vibrant I needed to get some shots. I always feel weird in skateparks, like I'm the groupie hanging around or something. This time there weren't too many people there except for a small group who left into the woods a couple times, I assume to smoke a joint or something. 


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