Friday, December 13, 2013

Ghost Towns of the Yukon

I remember as a kid reading Calvin and Hobbes comics where Calvin would talk about running away to the Yukon. I never considered that I would be there myself! It was really beautiful. The roads weren't paved but it wasn't too icy either.
If you ever go to the Yukon make sure you have gas! There are lots of signs for towns that are actually all abandoned ghost towns. Not to mention that in Destruction Bay, which is one of the only towns that's there, the gas was $4.50 per liter! 

The last photo is the hotel/restaurant we stayed at in Tok, Alaska before we drove to Haines Junction. I thought the bear was so funny!

This was only the second day of our trip. We didn't have internet in the Yukon, Haines, or on the Ferry, so I am about a week behind. We are now in Seattle enjoying a very fancy hotel room with a "Japanese Hydrotherapy Soaking Tub" right next to the bed. It's a good thing that the Comfort Inn was prejudice against cats or else we would be paying the same amount for a less fancy room! We are about to go out for dinner and check out some skateboarding spots for Joe. We stopped at a few already, but since it's pretty damp and drizzling he couldn't skate yet.


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