Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Day of Selfies in L.A.

We did a super touristy day in Los Angeles. Joe had never been to Hollywood before so we took the day to go to Hollywood Boulevard and see the Walk of Fame and the Chinese Theatre. He wouldn't put his hands on any of the handprints but I got him to agree put his feet on Donald Ducks prints. We had breakfast at Mel's Diner and then took a super cheesy tour bus around Beverly Hills, Mulholland Drive, Farmers Market and Rodeo Drive. It was pretty silly but also pretty fun. We could have driven up Mulholland Drive ourselves but we wouldn't have known which houses belonged to which people. I also think it's pretty strange that these people live in places where tour buses drive around regularly so that tourists can take pictures!

Later in the day we went to Hermosa Beach to hang out and wait for my friend to get home from work. I love that whole area of Los Angeles!  Redondo beach, Manhattan beach and Hermosa are so beautiful. It's the only place in L.A. I would ever want to live.


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