Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 in Review

Before it gets too late into January I have to do my 2013 in review! Thirteen has always been a lucky number for me and this year was no exception. Finally, things started coming together this year. Joe and I were married in 2012 but we didn't move in together until 2013. This year we finally met our adorable kitty-girl, Mrs. Peacock, who was added to the family. Not to mention the biggest news, our little bear cub, Ellie, came into the picture this year too! I'm really looking forward to 2014 and all the change that will happen. Thank goodness it is also my last year in the Army! I'm looking forward to that change as well. This is the year when I have to seriously figure out what I want to do for school when I get out. I'm so excited!

We started off 2013 at a Devotchka concert in Alaska while Joe was up visiting for the holidays! It was awesome. My New Years Resolution was to have a home with Joe and get a pet kitty... I guess I fulfilled both my resolutions!

I officially rented an apartment for Joe and I! Finally living like an adult again was a good feeling. My first baking project in the new place was Banana Bread and I painted a bunch of stuff for the wall, including a Chevron Painting for our living room.

Joe finally flew in from New York and we officially moved in together, a few weeks after out first wedding anniversary. I started experimenting with baking apple pie and began painting my nails a little more often (which I need to keep on doing!) Most importantly we got Mrs. Peacock! She was in the shelter for more than two months, probably because she was already 12 years old (by the way, Happy 13th Birthday Mrs. Peacock!!) It turns out she is the most awesome cat ever. I even made a DIY Crochet Kitty Toy tutorial. She still loves those little things. I also sewed my first dress this month!

I made a lemon curd recipe this month, which was delicious (try it!) and I also made myself a hoodie. I was supposed to make Joe one too, but I have this problem with using the same pattern twice... I guess it's like second sock syndrome?

I crocheted a peter pan collar for my shirt and made a yummy apple crumble. I also decided to participate in Blog Everyday in May Challenge from the Story of My Life blog, which included fun posts like photo an hour, sorry I love cats and letting Mrs. Peacock go outside. I also started the terrible hobby of collecting silly cat figurines.

Joe and I climbed up Flattop Mountain in Alaska. I normally don't like hiking at all but this time was really fun. I also collected a few more silly cat figurines and concocted a white wine spritzer recipe.

Joe and I found a film camera at a thrift store and developed our first film photos and we ventured out on another hike to Thunderbird Falls. Since I was on vacation we even headed down to Seward for a day and took some nice pictures by the marina. We also got to introduce Charlie to Mrs. Peacock when our friends went on vacation and we dog-sat for them. Not to mention, this month I made a pretty sweet recipe for Blueberry ChutneySummer Lemonade and shared a recipe for Balsamic Glaze to go on our freshly caught Kenai Sockeye salmon we got from the neighbors. 

This was a big, big month for us this year! Not only was it Joe's and my birthday, but we also found out that we were going to have a little bear cub of our own! The best news ever! Joe even ran his first Alaskan marathon this month. His goal is to run a marathon in every state. I was so proud!
I got crafty this month and painted myself a Margaret Keane style portrait with myself and Mrs. Peacock. Pretty silly! We did a little more exploring and took a trip to Talkeetna for a day. We tried making it to Denali but it didn't happen. I also did a little cooking and made a recipe for curried quinoa.

I started preparing for baby by sewing up some whale print diaper covers and started posting (semi) weekly bump photos along with our first sonogram photos! 

We spoiled Miss Kitty by getting her a cat tower and made pumpkin bread from roasted pumpkins. I knitted up a bear blanket buddy for the little bear cub, learned how to make balloon animals and carved our first Halloween pumpkin. We went as Agent Scully and Mulder from the X-Files! 

This month we prepared to move again and I set up my second travel scrapbook kit. We went to out 20 week appointment and found out that our little bear cub is a girl!

We finally got to leave Alaska for good this month. I've been here for three years and it went by so slow! Now it's time for a new start in a new year. We travelled from the icy glaciers of Alaska to the rain of Washington, the fog of San Francisco and the sunshine of Santa Cruz and spent the holidays on the beach.


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