Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baby Bump - 26 Weeks!

Weight Gain: Not really sure at this point. Hotels never have scales!

Name: Ellie, Ellie-Bear and "Ellie Belly." 

Maternity Clothes: Just bought some "palazzo pants" and hopefully they look trendy and not like lazy-pants.

Feeling: My back starts to hurt after a while of standing up.

Food I'm Missing: Once again, bagels with lox. We went to a bagel shop and I really wanted some smoked salmon lox.

Movement: Joe and I can both see her punching at my belly. It's so weird how strong she is! I was poking back at her to see if she would react. It work (I think.) I will have to try a flashlight!

Dreams: Nothing unusual this week!

Listening to: The Yeah Yeah Yeah's and an audiobook by Craig Clevenger called The Contortionists Handbook. It's a really good book! Not so kid-friendly, but Ellie doesn't know that yet.

Looking Forward to: Decorating the new house. I got all my furniture out of storage and it's being shipped to Louisiana. I haven't seen my stuff in so long! I have some pretty unique things and I'm excited to put everything together. 

I know I'm skipping ahead with my posts right now, but since these are the only photos we took in Phoenix I might as well update. We had a nice breakfast at Lola's Coffee Bar and went skating in Tempe. I got to go shopping at a second hand store and we picked up a bunch of stuff - I was all excited to find some legit southwestern turquoise jewelry. I figured we weren't going to have many cool places to shop in Louisiana so we should probably pick up some stuff now. 
I love the landscape of the desert! I wanted to go through Joshua Tree in California - it's an amazing place - but it was faster to skip it. There will be plenty of desert in New Mexico to see though, and I'm hoping we can get a little visit into Roswell. Yay, aliens!

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