Monday, January 6, 2014

Beach Kitty

Santa Barbara is absolutely beautiful! Joe wanted to go to Skaters Point which was right by the beach so I decided to take kitty out to stretch her paws in the sand. She was a little afraid at first but eventually was curious and ventured out of her carrier into the sun. We went on a little walk on her leash and she was so funny! People were pointing at her to show their kids there was a cat on the beach. Pretty weird, yes, but the car was too hot to be sitting in. Plus I think she needs some fresh air and a stretch. This trip has been tough on her, especially the ferry ride. She has gotten used to the car and only gets upset when the roads are loud or badly paved, but most of the time she sleeps. The climate change may also have given her an occasional sneeze. So far so good though. Soon we will have a home, kitty!

"I wonder if this is a giant litter box?"

"Too much sunshine!"

"I'm not so sure about this..."


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