Monday, January 13, 2014

Roswell, New Mexico

Joe loves science fiction. In fact, one of the first things we did together when our long distance relationship started was to watch The X-Files on Netflix together. We watched every episode up until season 9 (it's not really the X-Files without Scully and Mulder!) Of course we also watched plenty of Ancient Aliens and Steven Hawkings Universe. We even dressed up as Agent Scully and Mulder this past Halloween, so it was natural for us to make a stop at Roswell on our road trip.
It was a lot less touristy than we originally thought it would be. There were a few little alien guys in front of some hotels and fast food places, but it wasn't anything too "vegas style." I think in my imagination there was going to be big vegas style aliens lights on top of buildings and stuff... I don't know why I thought that! There were only a couple of little alien themed shops that we didn't get to go into, since most everything in town closed at 5pm. It really is just a quiet little town surrounded by farms, where allegedly some aliens just so happened to crash land in 1947. Still it was a fun place to stop and see! 
The International UFO Museum and Research Center was our only stop, but it made it totally worth it. It had a lot of information and news clippings from the actual events, plus some fun little exhibits to take pictures with. The government claims it was only a weather balloon, but it was all very suspicious if you ask me! 

Listening to a recording of the Roswell reports on the radio.

Ancient Aliens!

Different types of UFO shapes witnessed.

Props from a TV movie based on the Roswell crash reports.


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