Saturday, January 11, 2014

Baby Bump - 27 Weeks!

Name: Ellie, Ellie-Bear and "Ellie Belly." Thinking about "Violet" as a middle name, but Joe isn't so sure about it. I really need to sit down and take a look at Nameberry!

Belly Button? Innie still, but Joe predicts it will pop out in two weeks. Yucky!!!

Feeling: Pretty tired after the road trip. I have a sore spot at the bottom of my ribs most of the time too.

Food I'm Missing: Deli meats. I missed out on some nice sandwiches at Which Wich!

Movement: Joe and I still like to watch her punch my belly.

Dreams: Nothing unusual.

Listening to: Iron Maiden, courtesy of papa-bear. 

Looking Forward to: Our new house! Well, technically it's an apartment... but thats okay. I'm so sad our road trip is over but I'm glad to be at our final destination. Mrs. Peacock is happy too, but she is still suspicious that we will leave again. She keeps getting into her carrier in the morning when we wake up and start to get dressed. Soon she will have her favorite kitty-tower back to take naps in and she can relax again.

This picture was taken in Roswell at the UFO museum! I cheated since this was technically taken on the very last day of week 26. Oh well! I'm too tired from all the travelling to actually get myself together and find a nice place to take another photo. I will be posting some more pictures in a couple days of the museum. It was pretty fun!

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