Sunday, January 12, 2014

Arizona's Petrified Forest

We made an impulse stop at the Petrified Forest National Park after I saw it on the map. My dad had taken a road trip a few years ago and I remember him showing me pictures of this place. It was pretty neat! All these trees had gotten buried in mud during the Triassic period and silica formed inside the cell walls of the trees, making it into quartz.
It was surprisingly cold today in the southwest. I figured it would be warm since it's so sunny, but once we reached Albuquerque it was below freezing. I guess I can't escape the cold!

By the way, I'm loving my new palazzo pants and Pendelton wool purse! I've been splurging on new clothes, not just because I need maternity clothes, but also because I haven't gone shopping for anything new in a while and I needed a closet refresher. Nothing like moving to a totally new climate to inspire a shopping spree!


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