Friday, January 3, 2014

The Pool

Joe found out about this pool in Santa Cruz that is going to be destroyed soon, so we went out for a day of skating. After we were there for a while a little seven year old kid came with his parents and they started doing a photo shoot. He was really good, but we could hear the dad telling him he needs to "go higher" and do-this and do-that, like a coach. He would drop down off the deep end of the pool over and over again trying to get a picture that was just right and his parents were talking about "getting paid" to skate. It really upset Joe that the little kid was being used like that. It made me uncomfortable too. The poor kid looked like he wasn't having very much fun either and kept looking at the adult skaters like he had to be better than them.
I don't know, I suppose that's how big successes like Michael Jackson and Beyonce happened. I still feel like it's too much to put a kid through. I'm happy Joe won't be that type of dad!

...and just on a side note, yes, the pool says "tits."
I love it.


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