Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Wedding and a Baby Shower

This Saturday was super busy! We had a wedding to go to in the morning and a baby shower in the afternoon. We ended the night at a friends house where we played the Game of Thrones drinking game (I, of course, drank water.)
The wedding took place on the beach. It was pretty rainy but they managed to get through the ceremony without getting wet. My friend, the groom, was so nervous it was adorable. The bride's cousin married them (anyone can be ordained in Alaska to perform a wedding ceremony) and he had lovely words to say.

The reception was wonderful, they had local beers on tap and delicious food. It's too bad we couldn't stay the whole time! We couldn't stay for the whole reception because we had a baby shower to go to.
The baby shower was absolutely adorable and a wonderful party. And the cake! The cake was fabulous! It was made by a high school girl too! Such talent!

All those cute baby things made me so excited for my own baby shower! It also made me a little nervous because of the ALL the stuff you seem to need (car seat strap covers??) I'm sure as long as there is a place to sleep, diapers and food we will be good.

This was a crazy weekend! Next week I get an extra day off. I hope I can catch up on some projects and share them!


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