Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ducks Fly Together

While I was waiting to meet Joe at the 16 mile mark of the marathon I took some quick photos of the cute little lady ducks swimming in the lagoon.

Boy, do I need to get a better camera! I don't want to miss any more cute photographic moments like these anymore. We are going on our road trip in a couple of months and I want to have great photos of everything. It's going to be such a special time because I'll be 5 months pregnant with our first baby, it will be Joe's first time in California, and it will be the closest I will probably get to doing my cross country road trip. I always wanted to buy a volkswagon van and take a long nomadic trip across the country, sleeping on a mattress in the back.

I may not have a van but we will certainly have a great time! I can't wait to show Joe all my favorite places in California and finally see the rest of the west coast. Our first stop will be Seattle, followed by Portland, then a drive past wine country. I can't go wine tasting but might I'll pick up a bottle or two for after the little bear cub arrives.
We will go across the Golden Gate and through San Francisco, stopping so Joe can skate the Embarcadero. I'm sure I'll be dragging him to vintage shops on Valencia, the Haight, and going to a club in the Castro (don't forget Orphan Andy's midnight diner!) San Francisco will be so great! I love that city.
After a day or two in SF, we will drive through Santa Cruz to visit my grandfather whom I haven't seen in years now. His health took a turn for the worse a few weeks ago, so I know I have to see him before I can't anymore. I last heard he was recovering, so that's good. Not to mention Santa Cruz is a dream town! I would give anything for a house there by the beach! I will make Joe go to a nude beach there too.... I'm sure he will give me a hard time but it's happening!! I'm such a hippie that way.

After that it's straight to San Diego! I will pick up my stuff out of storage and then the long drive to Louisiana we go.

 I am looking forward to this so much!!


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