Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today is my husbands 25th birthday! We had a really nice lobster tail dinner. I also found a really fabulous recipe for Red Lobster Cheddar Bay imitation biscuits here... I usually hate recipes that copy places like Olive Garden but I have to admit those biscuits are pretty delicious! This is the only recipe I found that doesn't use Bisquick, so that was really nice. They came out very well! We had present opening time after dinner and followed it up with Tiramisu for dessert. He was really happy with his gifts (I got him some Playstation gear, a new controller and a capture card)

In other news, we had our first appointment at the hospital for an orientation. We got information on all the programs they have for new parents. They even have a program where you have a nurse assigned to you from pregnancy all the way up to age 5. It is just like a program that Sweden and other countries with socialized medicine have. The nurses come to your house and give you information and help. How cool is that? I'm so excited. I can't wait to start showing... I don't have any morning sickness or anything so it feels like it's not even real yet.
I should probably enjoy my time in my first trimester before I get bigger and more exhausted, but I'm so anxious!


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