Monday, August 12, 2013

The Sweet List - Baby Things!

I'm kind of at a loss right now. I feel like I should be so pumped to make baby things! I really don't know where to start... and boy do I wish I had my surger with me! Talk about an easy way to make receiving blankets and washcloths. I guess pinking shears and a zigzag stitch will have to do.

I found a ton of inspiration on Etsy:

Woodgrain Baby Bib - How cute is this bib and cloth? I saw this and it was immediately decided that I will be searching for a woodgrain print as soon as I have a chance to go to the fabric store!

Cotton Gauze Baby Wrap - It will be hot in Louisiana so I think this light wrap would be great to have!

Organic Baby Wipes - Are store bought disposable wipes unnecessary? Probably. Do I have time to wash reusable wipes all the time? It's worth a shot. I'm sure these would come in handy for a million and a half things anyway.

Felt Mobile - This inspires me to make my own mobile!

Baby Bear Hat and Cocoon Set - I'm for sure making one of these sets for our little bear cub.


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