Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to Annoy Your Cat

No kitties were harmed in the making of this post! She's was, however, probably annoyed. But she always gets lots of treats and pets afterward ;)

Pretend you are going to give her a bath.
Anytime my husband picks her up and walks anywhere near the bathroom her meows get louder and louder and she tries to grab anything within reach. We have never once given her a bath! Her previous owners must have bathed her. I'm guessing she did NOT like it.

Hold her like a baby and pet her tummy.
You will probably have to turn the audio up all the way to hear it, but her little buzzing/purr noise is too funny. Probably just to us, but I'm posting it anyway! Does she even like getting pets?? We can't tell.

Try to make her the next Keyboard Cat.
Not quite as good, miss kitty, but we will work on it.

Hold her while a harmless and friendly dog is excited about playing with her.
Charlie got so excited when we would pick her up! She was not very happy about that!


Suzy said...

Ha ha, those are cute!

I get into fights with my cat over pillow space. Seriously? It's my pillow, don't be grumpy growling at me; )

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